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Film Fridays – Los Angeles Wedding Photography with 35mm film

In looking through the “archives” of past film shots to use, I keep going back to this getting ready shot from Kelly and Jason’s wedding in 2008. They rented a house in Silver Lake just on the edge of Griffith Park, where the wedding was being held, and the light in the house while Kelly’s friend Diane did her hair and make up was just beautiful.

I’ve have several engaged friends getting married in the upcoming months, and so wedding and wedding planning have been a topic of conversation a lot lately. I’m really looking forward to attending all the weddings, as a guest and as a photographer, and excited about all the new film images that will come out of them!

Griffith Park wedding photography of bridal prep with makeup on 35mm film in Black and White

Shot on my Canon 50E with Kodak black and white, ISO 400, 28-105mm lens.





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