About Jessica


I was born in Florida and recently moved back after several years living in Los Angeles. I started my career as a film and tv editor and that’s what brought me to LA. I love telling a story, finding the perfect pieces and putting them in the perfect order, and I try to bring my background in both literature and film production into my photography. Photography was always a hobby since I was a kid, documenting my friends with point and shoot cameras. When I got married, my wedding photos captured the fun and emotion of that celebration in a way that inspired me to pursue photography more in-depth and I primarily specialized in weddings and outdoor elopements in California. In Tallahassee, my focus is geared more towards portraits, headshots, and branding photography serving local organizations, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the community.


My cat Emma, who can give high-fives. My box turtle Sidney, who is pretty speedy when he gets going. Coffee in pretty much any form. Toy cameras and film photography. Warm weather and palm trees. But also cool weather and pine trees. Succulents and cacti. Dyeing my hair (usually it’s red, pink, purple or some combo). Good vegetarian food.  Comedy and humor. I’m an easy laugh, so bad puns (and good ones) are always appreciated. Twin Peaks. The Goonies. 90s indie rock. White wine in the summer and hot toddies in the fall. Being outside in nature, though realistically light hiking and glamping in a cabin are my preferred style. I care about the environment, equality, social justice, #BLM, immigration reform, access to healthcare, LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, and all that good stuff!


I love traveling, something I inherited from my grandmother. My husband Matthew is the best travel companion, and adventures around the world have taken me to Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Iceland. All of which were amazing to experience and to photograph, and just the beginning of all the places I want to explore. I love photographing people in nature and there are so many beautiful state parks, forests, and springs to visit in Florida and I’m happy to share my favorite spots when planning sessions!

Toy camera photo of Matthew and I walking up to a glacier in Iceland

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch to set up a meeting or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!