Venice Engagement Photography – Jenn + Bill + Funny hats

Jenn and Bill are the life of the party, and when they throw the party it always involves funny hats. They have a very elaborate hat collection lining their living room mantle and love any excuse to bust them out. So their hat-themed September wedding will be no exception. To encourage all their guests to get into the spirit, Jenn and Bill wanted to include several of their hats in their engagement photos to use for their Save The Dates and website. We went to Venice, California, a neighborhood known for it’s quirky and unconventional residents and laid-back attitude, and went crazy with several bags of hats for props.

This shoot was a lot of fun – Jenn and Bill are always laughing at themselves, completely comfortable with making goofy faces and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The photos, which include a roll of grainy expired film shot on a Holga camera, really highlight their open and fun personalities. Just as we were wrapping up shooting, we saw a guy on huge stilts dressed as a hobo walking down the street towards us (see above re: quirky residents!) and we asked him to join us for a few photos. It was a ridiculously perfect way to end the shoot, and I’m really excited to see what craziness their wedding will have in store!




  • Shella said:

    OMG I am so loving their style!! Gotta love a couple who can rock a million hats! :p

  • Seriously loving all their hats... not to mention her super cute polka dot dress! What a cute couple :)

  • ALMA said:

    Very creative and love all the walls for their backdrops.

  • These are amazing! I love this idea :D My favorites are the Disney ones, mostly because I work at Disney World so I love seeing those bride/groom mickey ears (:

  • Zak said:

    Such amazing backgrounds! I have to say that NASA hat is awesome.

  • sam hurd said:

    such a creative couple. definitely made me smile :)

  • Love how playful these images are and their use of hats! So fun!

  • Jen said:

    So much fun! Love the colorful walls, her polka dots and the zany hats. But the couple with stilts guy is the bomb!

  • Drew W said:

    Nicely done, Jessica. I love those pinhole shots :-)

  • Keao said:

    I just kept laughing as I scrolled down the pictures. What a cute and fun couple, they must just make each other laugh every day.

  • Nessa K said:

    This is so. much. fun! I just love the mood of this entire session. =)

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