Me + Cameras = Happy

So now that I like to fancy myself a photographer, it seemed only fitting to have some pictures of me with cameras. That’s what photographers do, right? But which camera should I have in the photo – the one I can do the most with, the one I carry around the most often, the one that looks the coolest? At this point, I currently own 6 cameras, so there are quite a few options to choose from. I decided to have fun and take pictures with all the different cameras to show off my collection! And also show off my new haircut.
Los Angeles indie hipster photographer Jessica Schilling with 35mm film camera
The Canon EOS 50E – a 35mm (i.e. real film) SLR camera. I love the way true black and white film looks and this camera is great for shooting that.

Cute fun quirky self portrait of redhead with glasses and camera

The Canon PowerShot A540 – my first digital camera! This little guy is very compact and takes great daylight pictures. The screen on the back is a great size, bigger than my other digitals, and it’s small enough that it’s really easy to use for quick shots that don’t need anything too fancy.

Canon digital photography by Los Angeles indie photographer Jessica Schilling

The Canon PowerShot S3 IS – this is an advanced Point and Shoot camera. It has more options than the A540 and so it gets a lot more use lately.  It’s not considered a “professional” camera, which means I can take it into concerts, and it’s lightweight enough to carry around in my purse every day.I bought this camera before our trip to Ireland last summer, and it’s perfect for traveling.

Beautiful antique vintage retro film camera from the 1950s as prop in self portrait photography

Okay, technically this camera doesn’t work. Well, the camera would work, but it’s a vintage Kodak from the 1950s and they apparently don’t make film for it anymore. Which is a shame because it’s in great, working condition and I bet photos from it would look cool. I love the accordian-style box part of it and think that makes it worth keeping as a prop even if I never get to use it for anything else. 

quirky fun unique awesome holga twin lens toy camera photography
The Holga 120 TLR – the newest addition to the camera family! I just got this Holga as a birthday present and I’m hoping to shoot with it this weekend. It’s a plastic, “toy” camera that takes retro-looking 6 x 6 square film pictures. And the flash “flashes” in white, yellow, red or blue. Should make for some very interesting shots, so be on the lookout.

canon digital photography in Los Angeles. Self portrait with red hair and cute green hoodie

The Canon 20D – this one is kind of my baby. A digital SLR that I bought used in 2008, but was a splurge for me at the time. This was the camera I used for my photography class last summer and I really learned a lot with it. It’s heavier and bulkier than the S3, so I don’t carry it around every day, but I can use all my different lenses on it, so it’s great for any kind of advanced shooting. It has the Lensbaby lens on it in this picture.

fun collage of different cameras in self portrait mosaic of Jessica Schilling Los Angeles photographer

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