"Career Day" at the Tallahassee Film Festival

I’m so happy to announce that a short film I had the pleasure of editing recently will be premiering in two weeks at the Tallahassee Film Festival. The film is called “Career Day” and will be shown as part of the Comedy Shorts program of the festival.

I’m so proud of how this film turned out, and feel so lucky to have worked with so many talented friends on this project. Several members of the crew are people I met as a grad student at FSU’s Film School, and it’s a testament to the strength of the program and the alumni network that we keep working with each other all these years later, on the other side of the country. And since we started off together in Tallahassee, it’s incredibly fitting to be having our festival debut there as well.

The film tells of the story of tenacious 8-year-old Marco Casanova, who secretly follows his mother to work to complete his Career Day essay, and is shocked to discover that she is not actually a nurse, but a stripper.

I will be back in my hometown for the festival, along with the film’s writer/director Ivette Garcia Davilla and executive producer Dennis Hauck. We’ll be at the screenings of “Career Day” Friday night and Saturday morning, and I hope to be speaking on a documentary panel as well. Check out more details about the film and showtimes and please come out to support “Career Day”!

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