Los Angeles Toy Camera Photography – New Holga!

As mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I got a Holga camera from my amazing friends Azin and Lyle for my birthday this year. I had two rolls of film, with 12 exposures each, so I could’ve blown through them very quickly, but I wanted to take my time. I ended up spanning almost a month of carrying the Holga around, taking a few photos here, a few more there, and finally getting them developed last week. And I ended up with a collage of different parts of Los Angeles, and love that there are color and black and whites pictures in the mix. I really like the vintage look of the camera, the experimental nature of not knowing exactly how your film will turn out, and having a fun new toy to play with. I’ll be getting more film soon and updating here, but in the meantime check out the awesome Holga flickr pool.

quirky fun retro Toy Camera Holga photography of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

Looking westward and the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Park Observatory.

Cool funky indie toy camera holga photographer Los Angeles seen from Griffith Park

My friend Aimee’s croquet birthday party, where I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the birthday girl. Hopefully she will forgive me.

cute indie colorful Holga toy camera photography in Burbank Los Angeles
Retro indie cool croquet birthday party Burbank backyard lawn games Holga Toy camerasummer colorful fun croquet lifestyle portraits with Holga Toy Camera in Los Angeles
beautiful romantic dreamy vintage flowers shot with holga toy camera photography
Emma in our living room, longer exposure gave a ghosting effect.

unique artistic pet photography of cat with Holga toy camera in Los Angeles
Outside our apartment, very early morning. I love the red car tail lights trailing through the frame.

beautiful retro artistic street photography in Los Angeles with holga toy camera on film
A double exposure and some other shots around Valley Photo Service, using up the last of the film before dropping it off for developing.

Valley Village holga film toy camera photography with cool double exposure

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