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Film Fridays – Diana Mini 35mm Cross Processed Caribbean Photography

In January I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and decided to only shoot film for my vacation photos. In addition to someView full post »

Catholic church with cross in San Fernando Valley taken with toy camera by indie wedding photographer Jessica Schilling

Film Fridays – Toy Camera Church Architecture Photography

I have some cool vacation photos I recently shot on film, but when I was trying to pick an image for this week’sView full post »

Black and white 35mm film shot of pet photography by Los Angeles lifestyle photographer Jessica Schilling

Film Fridays – Rocky in 35mm Black and White

Rocky, a white Boxer, came into my family when I was in college. He started off as my brother’s puppy, butView full post »

Artistic black and white 35mm film shot of roller derby skates on banked track jam line

Film Fridays – 35mm Roller Derby Photography

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2011 was to shoot more film, and I think it was pretty successful. Though IView full post »

Film Fridays – Los Angeles, Love, and Light Leaks

I’ve already posted some of my favorite shots from Erin and Michael’s engagement session at their house andView full post »

Film Fridays – Toy camera wedding photography

I recently posted photos from Jenn and Bill’s offbeat funny hats wedding, and included several toy camera shots inView full post »

Film Fridays – So long summer! Toy Camera Photography

It’s hard to say when summer is actually over in Los Angeles since seasons here are not quite the same as manyView full post »

Los Angeles Wedding Photography – Jenn and Bill’s Offbeat Hats Wedding

In case you may have missed Jenn and Bill’s funny hats engagement photos or the sneak peek of their amazing funnyView full post »

Film Fridays – Diana F+ Toy Camera Coffee Shop photography

Yesterday was National Coffee Day, so as a self-identifying caffeine addict, it seemed only natural to honor the holidayView full post »

Thomas Pynchon's former duplex in Manhattan Beach where Gravity's Rainbow was written

Film Fridays – Manhattan Beach and Thomas Pynchon

A few months ago, Matt heard that the duplex where Thomas Pynchon, his favorite author, wrote Gravity’s Rainbow,View full post »

Film Fridays – 35mm Photography and a Playlist

I’ve missed a few Film Fridays but have had this post in mind for a little while so it seemed like the perfectView full post »

Film Fridays – San Francisco Holga Photography

I have a roll of film in the Canon AE-1 waiting to be finished, and some 3200 iso film to use for either roller derbyView full post »

Indie wedding photographer Jessica Schilling uses 35mm film and toy cameras in her photography packages

Film Fridays – Wedding shoes on 35mm film

Another Film Fridays image from the first wedding I photographed way back in 2008, but I have always liked shots ofView full post »

Los Angeles Venice Beach street photography of street signs and seagulls taken with a Diana Mini

Film Fridays – 35mm Toy Camera Diana Mini Photography

This shot was from the end of a roll of 35mm film and I love the accidental diptych effect that happened when half ofView full post »

Film Fridays – Toy Camera Wedding Photography

I had such a good time at my friend Nikki’s wedding in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I brought my Diana Mini alongView full post »