Idyllwild Anniversary Adventure Film Photography

This year for our anniversary, my husband and I drove up to Idyllwild and rented a cabin in the woods at the Quiet Creek Inn. It was my first time visiting Idyllwild and I loved it! Such a change of scenery, even though it’s so close to LA. Being a mile high in the mountains will do that, I suppose. Beautiful trees, fresh air, leisurely hiking, and a really cute little town to explore. Quiet Creek Inn was adorable and they have squirrels that will come right up to you and eat peanuts out of your hand! This would be such a cute place for a laidback forest elopement or intimate wedding, or the perfect weekend adventure.

All photos are film! Portra 400 on Mamiya 645 AFD and black and white Ilford Super XP2 35mm with the Lomo LC-Wide.

Idyllwild wedding and elopement photographer Jessica SchillingHiking adventure. Idyllwild California romantic natural getaway destination.Idyllwild Elopement Photographer - mountains and forests outside of Los AngelesIdyllwild California destination elopement photography005-idyllwild-photographer006-idyllwild-photographer007-idyllwild-photographer008-idyllwild-photographer009-idyllwild-photographer010-idyllwild-photographer011-idyllwild-photographer012-idyllwild-photographer013-idyllwild-photographer014-idyllwild-photographer015-idyllwild-photographer016-idyllwild-photographer017-idyllwild-photographer018-idyllwild-photographer019-idyllwild-photographer020-idyllwild-photographer021-idyllwild-photographer022-idyllwild-photographer

This was my first time experimenting with astrophotography and long exposures at night on film, and I love how it all turned out and want to try more in the future!



  • Jasmine said:

    Not only is idyllwild one of my fave easy getaways, but you two are stinkin' adorable.

  • Gavin Farrington said:

    So cool. I love the Sierra mountains. It's neat to see SoCal Sierras, since I'm more familiar with the Northern end of the state.

  • Mercedes said:

    <3! You look fantastic. And Idyllwild is just like I remembered: lovely!

  • Jen said:

    You two are so adorable! And your photographs capture what must have been a lovely getaway beautifully! Happy Anniversary! Squirrel!

  • Heather Kanillopoolos said:

    This place looks gorgeous!

  • Per Henning said:

    What a place! Nice!

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