Pasadena LGBTQ Wedding Photography – Mai + Cathy

Mai and Cathy met at REI, both love the outdoors, and were planning an awesome summer camp wedding. But three weeks before their date, they had to unexpectedly change venues and ended up moving their campsite indoors to the Pasadena Masonic Temple. In spite of such a big change of plans, these two brides were in the best spirits and had so much fun all day long.

You can see the whole wedding and order prints here. Congratulations, Mai and Cathy!



Venue: Pasadena Masonic Temple
Catering: LA Roots Catering – Isaiah Seay
DJ: Lets Party LA – Bryan Chesters
Cake: My Bakery
Decor: REI

  • Elissa said:

    This is totally gorgeous! I love the first look shots and your ceremony shots are awesome! Also, S'MORES CHURROS?? Wish I could've been there :D

  • Kim E said:

    I'm sooooo in love with all the photos and how beautifully you captured the day! I love that my sister's have such awesome and gorgeous photos, you're amazing! :) <3

  • Sarah said:

    That seer sucker vest and pant combo is so good! I'm also dying over how pretty their first dance photos are, beautiful stuff!

  • Looks like a great wedding and they did quite the job to adapt to the new plans, great coverage!

  • I really love the colour palette of this wedding. Amazing photos and a beautiful couple!

  • Isabelle said:

    Is this GREAT or what!!!! I love this wedding!!!

  • What a beautiful day! They must be thrilled with these - great job Jessica.

  • Darren Gair said:

    Beautiful coverage of a wonderful wedding Jessica! Captured to perfection, great work.

  • Mercedes said:

    Love that location, seriously! Great work again again again!

  • Jessie said:

    So much happiness! Love the picture of Mai playing the guitar and Kathy looking, admiring the woman she loves.

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