Introducing: The One Roll Project

I’ve been kicking around this idea for almost a year and decided it was time to finally put it into motion. This is the launch, and a call for models, of a new personal film series I’m calling the One Roll Project.

Los Angeles film photographer Jessica SchillingThe goal of this project will be to slow down and narrow in on different cameras, film stocks, locations, and poses by shooting each session with only one roll of film. Whether it’s a Holga, Fuji Instax, 35mm or medium format, each session will consist entirely of one roll of film – resulting in 10-36 final images depending on the type of camera.

Venice_Beach_film_photographer-75Who this is ideal for: Anyone with an open mind and an understanding of this project. I like photographing real people, so no prior modeling experience or particular look is necessary. If you like being in front of the camera and want a few professional, artistic shots of yourself, your pet, your significant other, or your family, you could be a great subject for this ongoing project. Sessions will take place in and around Los Angeles. I’m open to creative ideas, but the main focus of these images will be composition, posing, and location and I have a running list of places and things I want to try. These sessions are free, and in exchange for your time, One Roll Project participants will receive digital downloads of final images for your personal use.

Los Angeles and Southern California film photographer Jessica Schilling

Who this is not so ideal for: If you have a very specific or involved idea of a certain look, location, or activity for portraits, the One Roll Project is probably not right for you. Likewise, if you were expecting a high number or large variety of images from your shoot, or have a required time or deadline. For those types of photographs, I would recommend booking a regular portrait session with me, where I can make your vision happen with more time and input and fewer limitations!

Los Angeles cowboy boots and vintage 35mm film photography

So if the One Roll Project sounds interesting to you and you’d like to be a fabulous model for me (I’ll make you look and feel fabulous no matter what), please contact me and let me know you’d like to participate and we’ll start planning the details. And check back here regularly for updates as these sessions start coming in!



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