Film Fridays – Venice Beach, Los Angeles Film Photographer

I’ve written some previous posts about and shared images from the Film Is Not Dead workshop I did earlier this year, but I’m finally sharing the personal work we did on the last day of the workshop in Venice Beach. The purpose of the third day was to focus on finding your individual creative voice and photographing what appealed to you personally, as opposed to the couple and family portrait sessions from the previous days. I worked near Venice Beach for much of 2011 and would go around shooting street photography on my lunch breaks, so I was really happy to be going to back to such a colorful, unique part of LA for this. I played around with different film stocks – mostly Ektar – new cameras, and lots of silhouettes. The skateboarders there captured a lot of my attention, since the movements seem similar to banked track roller derby. And of course the sunsets were amazing.

It seems perfectly fitting to be posting these on Film Photography Day, and I’m looking forward to shooting and sharing more personal film work soon!

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