Film Fridays – Rocky in 35mm Black and White

Rocky, a white Boxer, came into my family when I was in college. He started off as my brother’s puppy, but eventually became my dad’s dog and the whole family’s pet. Rocky had the sweetest personality with people and a series of enthusiastic dances and prances that earned him lots of teasing but lots of laughs. Once I got interested in photography, Rocky ended up in lots of photos whenever I would go home to visit, including this shot of him and my dad that was taken at Thanksgiving in 2007.

After 11 years of sprightly activity, Rocky was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and after lots of tears, my parents decided to put him to sleep last week. He’ll undoubtedly be missed by me and everyone in my family, though I’m glad we have so many pictures to remember him and all the joy he brought into our lives.

Black and white 35mm film shot of pet photography by Los Angeles lifestyle photographer Jessica Schilling


Taken with my Canon EOS 50E, 35mm black and white film.



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