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Film Fridays – Manhattan Beach and Thomas Pynchon

A few months ago, Matt heard that the duplex where Thomas Pynchon, his favorite author, wrote Gravity’s Rainbow, his favorite book, was on the market. We don’t exactly have 1.05 million dollars laying around to buy this little piece of literary history, but we did have a free afternoon to drive down to Manhattan Beach and check it out. The downstairs apartment where Pynchon lived still looked occupied, but the upstairs one was open and empty, and it felt special to be in that place for a few minutes.

Thomas Pynchon's former duplex in Manhattan Beach where Gravity's Rainbow was written

35mm photography of upstairs duplex where Thomas Pynchon lived in Manhattan Beach

Indie 35mm photo inside duplex where literary icon Pynchon lived in Manhattan Beach


Shot on the Canon AE-1, 50mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 iso black and white film

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