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Film Fridays – San Francisco Holga Photography

I have a roll of film in the Canon AE-1 waiting to be finished, and some 3200 iso film to use for either roller derby tomorrow night or a wedding in 2 weeks, or both. Not to mention an all-film boudoir portrait session in the works. So much film in my future! For now, here’s a shot from my Holga TLR 120 taken last year in San Francisco. This is from Alcatraz, which was such a great spot to check out when we were exploring the city. I love the saturation of the colors contrasted with the bleary outlook of the view from the prison yard, and then the sharpness in the very middle of the frame that drops off to soft focus and vignette in the corners. All great reasons to bust out the Holga and add more shots like this.

Indie Holga 120 photography of urban landscape from Alcatraz in San Francisco.


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