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Film Fridays – Happy Anniversary!

I’m taking a departure from the normal Film Fridays routine of posting one of my photos to instead show off a 35mm shot from my wedding four years ago. I love that our wedding photographer, Laura Ciociola, was shooting film because I think it gives our photos a really cool and unique look. I’ve said this before, but how amazed I was with our wedding pictures was what inspired me to get into photography more seriously, and shooting film is a big part of that as well. So here’s one of my favorite portraits of me and my amazing, handsome husband Matthew.

Indie DIY wedding portraits, photography on 35mm film by Laura Ciociola for my wedding in 2007

And in other anniversary and film photography news, one of my gifts from Matt was this adorable 35mm Diana Mini Jiyu clone! The awesomeness of this particular camera as an anniversary gift is that it combines flowers and electronics, which are the traditional and modern gift categories for 4th anniversaries. So incredibly, thoughtfully cool of Matt, and I can’t wait to show off some shots from this little guy very soon!

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