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Film Fridays – Los Angeles Artsy Toy Camera Photography

I dropped the ball on last week’s Film Fridays post, but I’m back with a new shot this week.
I love signs and signage, and I love art and art supplies. So the very cool sign of this art store in my neighborhood has always gotten my attention but I never remembered to take a picture of it until last week. It was a really pretty, warm but crisp Los Angeles “winter” day, and you can almost feel that in the color of the sky and the brittleness of the tree branches. But mostly I just like this photograph because it reminds me that I’ve always loved art and I just have to get out there and make it!
Holga and Diana Toy Camera photography in Los Angeles

Taken on my Diana F+ toy camera, 38mm super wide lens, Fuji Pro 400H 120 film.

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