Film Fridays – Pet Photography

In thinking about some changes I want to implement for my website (big overhaul coming soon!) one of the things I decided to add is a new feature called Film Fridays. So each week I’ll be posting a shot or series taken on film, from one of my toy cameras or my 35mm slr. The shots may not have been taken that week, especially at the rate I’m currently getting film developed and scanned, but it’s a great excuse to dig through my archives and find shots I haven’t shown before or that didn’t really fit into any other category or post.

And what better way to kick off Film Fridays than with one of my all-time favorite subjects, Emma. The coolest cat in the world in her favorite sunning spot, the dining room window.

Quirky unique toy camera pet photography in San Fernando Valley

Taken with the Diana F+, 110mm telephoto lens, Lomo brand 100 ISO film.

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