Killer Nostalgia – Toy Camera Film Photography

I am so lucky to be friends with the incredibly talented minds behind Killer Nostalgia, filmmakers who document weddings on super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film. Since Killer Nostalgia shoots film exclusively, I wanted to to do the same for their portraits. I temporarily ditched the digital cameras in favor of my 35mm SLR, the Diana F+ and Holga TLR, some expired film several years old and some slide film for cross-processing. Eight rolls of film and eight hours of scanning later, I think we ended up with some really cool shots.
I can’t say enough good things about Dennis, Ivette, and Bill. They are all creative, cool, fun people making creative, cool, fun movies. Check them out and have them make an amazing movie for you!mosaic collage of vintage film camera portraits taken with toy camerasportrait of sexy cowboy boots with old film canisters on 35mm filmcross processed holga toy camera film outdoor portrait photographyblack and white vintage film with retro toy cameraship indie cool portrait photography on toy cameras in Los Angelesstylish retro film and toy cameras portrait photographerfun candid business website photography for wedding filmmakers Killer Nostalgiaunique artistic portrait photography with cross processed toy camera filmamazing dramatic black and white toy camera photography in Los Angeles
  • Oh, I would love to see some of those larger - the holga stuff is so cool!

  • Nessa K said:

    I LOVE the last black and white shot. This is a beautiful set. =)

  • Darko said:

    Very cool shots. it's like time traveling.

  • so cool this makes me wanna bust out my film cameras =)

  • They are all super fantastic, but there is something I really love about the last shot. It feels timeless...

  • Phill said:

    Utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly, totally, outright... cool. I can't really convey how cool I think this collection of images is. Okay, maybe I can. And they're not cool in some aloof, detached, hipster manner either. They're raw and beautiful at the same time. I'd love to be presented like this in photographs!

  • Love Love Love toy cameras! Glad to see you're using them...wish I could pull my Holga out more often. Nice work.

  • such a cool set! I especially love the last one and the 3 little ones right above it

  • Sally said:

    Oh fun!
    This makes me want a toy camera!
    I'd love to see some larger as well.

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