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Tough Cookies Win! – Los Angeles Roller Derby Photographer

I have been to my fair share of roller derby games, but I have to say the Tough Cookies vs. Sirens game last weekend may have been the best one. It literally came down to the last 15 seconds but the Tough Cookies scored the winning points in the last jam to win 135 to 130. It was pretty intense.

As with the other games I’ve photographed, the amazing and wonderful diva jammer Gori Spelling let me be her guest photographer. It was the first game I had a flash for, so I got to experiment with some motion blurs and try out my new lens. It was also Skatum O’Neal’s birthday, so I’m glad I got to see her and give her a birthday mustache necklace. I had such a great time and can’t wait for the next game. Here are a few highlights, with the rest of the set up on flickr.

punk rock tough cookies roller derby skaters
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