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Night at the Fair – Los Angeles Photography

I like fairs. I like the colorful lights and bad music and smell of funnel cakes. But I hadn’t been to a fair in probably ten years, for whatever reason. So when I heard there was a  small one a few blocks away from my apartment, I knew I wanted to go. As I’ve gotten older, I’m less adventurous about going on very high or fast rides that can be built in a matter of hours, but it was still fun to walk around, take pictures and go on a few rides that were tame enough for the faint of heart. The Gravitron has always been one of my favorites and I couldn’t stop laughing on the Bumper Cars. I took a few Diana F+ and Holga photos too and I can’t wait to get those developed. In the meantime, here’s a few of my favorites.
North Hollywood neighborhood fair at nightGravitron fair ride with cool motion blur effect in Los AngelesFun quirky indie night time carnival in Los AngelesCute colorful vintage neon signs at retro fair in North HollywoodGreen super slide fun ride at adorable carnival in North HollywoodMosaic collage of motion at fair ride roller coaster with flagsMega Loop Roller Coaster at night. Retro Vintage quirky carnivalawesome fun rides at night time fair in North Hollywood Los AngelesFun colorful retro neon signs for Zipper ride at local carnivalCharming indie neighborhood fair and carnival in Los Angeles at nightDramatic and photojournalistic photography of fair in Los Angeles at night

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