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Emily & Tim – Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Emily is a friend from my hometown, though we didn’t actually know each other until film school and we’ve hung out more in Los Angeles than we ever got to in Tallahassee. Funny how that works. She’s started her own wedding and event planning business, Grandes Fetes, and wanted some photos of her and her boyfriend Tim to put on the website. We met in Burbank one afternoon for some portraits of the two of them and their super cute dogs – more on them in the next post! Though these aren’t exactly engagement photos, it was nice to get some cute couple shots mixed in with Emily’s portraits. Emily’s website is still under construction but be sure to check it out soon for more info, especially if you’re in the market for a wedding coordinator or design diva. She’s pretty handy with a glue gun!
Update! Emily and Tim got officially engaged over Christmas so I can put their photos in Engagements as well as Portraits now! Congratulations!

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