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Family Portraits at the Getty Center, Los Angeles

Josh and Erika and I all met in 2001 when we started film school together. After moving to Los Angeles, they started dating and got married in 2007, just a few months before Matt and I did. And then last year they had their adorable son Oliver. I haven’t spent too much time around babies, but I really like this one. He’s very alert and happy and smart, and he recently started walking. It was really cute how excited he got just walking around and having mobility.

Now, Josh is an amazing cinematographer and Erika seems naturally talented at every imaginable thing, so they both take great pictures of Oliver all the time. But since one of them is inevitably behind the camera for these, I thought it would be fun to take some photos that had the whole family in them. We headed over to the Getty Center on an overcast Sunday and got a bunch of cute family portraits and candids. These photos were taken two days after Oliver’s first birthday, so I was really happy we got to commemorate that milestone with them all.


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